Triano Lenses

TRIANO spectacle lenses with the most advance technology in the world from Japan.
Achieving larger visual fields

Thanks to digital ray-path oblique aberration is a reduced everywhere on the lens, resulting in a wider area with sharp and clear vision
Frame flexibility in PRISMA lenses

Digital ray-path lenses, both progressive and single vision, provide excellent vision for any wearer regardless of the frame that is selected
Variable inset optimization

Every person needs different inset to maximize their binocular near visual field. In PRISMA lenses, the inset is exactly calculated for each wearer, considering all of the individual's personal parameters
Getting rid of oblique aberration

Oblique aberration appears when the light refracts the lens obliquely.  This happens when the wearer looks towards the periphery, on those cases the image os not focused on the fovea and the wearer will perceive the objects blurred.  PRISMA compensates this effect offering to the wearer the best visual quality from the center to edge
Personalization for high prescriptions & sport frames

The effect of oblique aberration becomes more pronounced in high prescriptions and sport frames, PRISMA can easily correct this aberrations no matter the prescription or frame selection
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